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three minutes. back to you. >> thank you, tucker. >>> the devastation in japan continues. another hydrogen explosion at a nuclear plant injured 11 workers but officials say the reactor is still intact. the death toll is now over 10,000 people. the central bank is pumping nearly $200 billion into the market but the to go i don't stock exchange still plunged 6%. here at home, the disaster in japan was a big issue on the sunday talk shows. melanie alnwick has a round-up for us. >> reporter: japan's u.s. ambassador and on meet the press. >> we have to take quick action. we have to take a most cautious attitude and also we have to mobilize all our forces. these are the principles in meeting with these great challenges that we are face. >> reporter: a nuclear security expert told chris wallace. worst case scenario is a full meltdown of multiple reactors. >> they spew radioactivity into the ground, the air, water. some of that radioactivity could carry in the atmosphere to the west coast of the united states. >> reporter: the fear is already spreading, dampening what had been a growing c
warnings on the disafter the are going on in japan. there was a third explosion in the damaged nuclear plant last night and a fire in another reacteddor. the government for the first time is warning that high levels of radiation leaked out and it is dangerous to human health. the prime minister went on tv saying the radiation is now spreading. the news sent the japanese stock market into a spiral plummeting more than 12%. the death toll from friday's quake is officially just over 2,400 with more than 3,000 still missing. the usgs has raised the magnitude of the quake to a 9.0. we are getting more dramatic video of the moment that tsunami changed the face of one city forever. we'll let the pictures tell you the story. >>> just amazing to see what that water can do. you can see that entire video on our web site. we know a lot of you want to know what you can do to help the people of japan. fox 5 is hosting a phone bank this morning to take your donations that. -- to take your donations. that gets under way at 6:00 a.m. you can also find out more at myfoxdc.com. >>> fox 5 morning news at
sarah. >>> now to the latest on the unfolding disaster in japan. military helicopters are dropping water on the crippled nuclear reactors trying to cool rods and replenish water in cooling pools and also reconnect power lines. meanwhile, the state department is going to evacuate u.s. citizens out of japan. the u.s. is telling all americans within 50 miles of that plant to move. >>> now to a developing story this morning. an explosion outside of a home in potomac. this happened in the 9200 block of inglewood drive. shortly after 9:00 p.m., a hazardous material unit was called to the scene because an unusual odor that was reported. the incident is under investigation still. >>> some other top stories, a major shakeup in the gray administration. major gray asked for and received the resignation of the chief of staff, gerri hall. she is widely blamed for the administration's missteps during the first two months in office that includes the hiring of political appointees children and giving higher than legal salaries to them. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is leaving her post in 2012 e
in japan. the earthquake struck about four hours ago followed by several aftershocks. the japanese government confirms at least five people have been killed. the quake unleashed a tsunami. the tsunami pushed a wave of mud and debris over farmland n other areas, it carries dozens of boats, cars and even entire buildings. the tsunami warning now includes hawaii and the rest of the pacific ocean. >>> good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. thank you for joining us for fox 5 morning news. we want to get a check on our other big story and that is the weather. we had that rain that just stayed with us all through the day and even into the overnight hours. tuck? >> you got it. it is all out of here and we are looking at all of this big spin pulling that out. generally speaking, the worst is over for today. could be a few pore scattered showers but generally, the worst is over. 47 in ocean city. our highs later this afternoon, a little cooler than yesterday, still not bad. the possibility of an afternoon shower. 54degrees your daytime high. more details on the forecast in a minute. >> thank you.
. >>> the fairfax county urban search and rescue team is back home now from japan. they are sharing their harrowing stories of an unforget -- an unforgettable task. maureen umeh has more on this. >> reporter: it is a bittersweet home coming for the 74 members of the fairfax urban search and rescue team. >> to walk through there and see the devastation when you first pull up and to look at effect, it is just overwhelming. >> everything was very devastating. you can imagine losing all of your possessions including family members and it was very devastating. >> reporter: despite their round the clock efforts, the team found no survivors. >> you wonder how they can ever pick up. there is just debris and logs and destruction over such a wide area that it is hard to even imagine how they could start to clear it because there is nothing that is still intact. >> reporter: but the team is returning in high spirits. man say just being there finding victims helped give survivors closure. they were thanked by japan's ambassador to the u.s. >> all the americans are so proud of you and people in japan are so gr
weeks setting up another showdown in april. >>> the radiation concerns in japan are our top story. but not just there, also here on the west coast. some stores say they have sold more potassium iodine in the last three days than they have in thee years. ainsley earhart has more. >> everyone thinks i'm a nut bag being worried about this. >> i thought i should have a supply on hand. >> reporter: what does potassium iodide do. >> it fills the thyroid gland with this. >> reporter: thyro shield is one of many available brands. >> we've been inundated with calls. >> we've received significant increase in our call volume related related to potassium iodide. >> the thing is to be prepared. you can't blame people for wanting to be concerned. i'm not sure there is a level of need right now. >> reporter: some say there is no need for the pills and certainly no need to use them right now. >> i think it is a little ridiculous. people need to mellow out. >> i think people like to buy into various scares for various voans. >> reporter: premier sat down with station kdka in pittsburgh. >> i've b
cooperates. >>> the head of the u.n.'s atomic agency says japan is working against the clock in the nuclear crisis. more smoke is rising as workers work to bring electricity to the plant. half a million are in evacuation center desperate for relieve supplies one week after this quake hit. >>> to the big news overnight, united nations has now authorized military action against colonel moammar gadhafi. >> the u.n. vote opens the door for possible international air strikes on advancing gadhafi group troops. the forces advanced along the mediterranean coast, aiming to recapture the eastern half of libya. rebels are in danger of being wiped out by a pro-gadhafi military. >> the purpose of the resolution is clear, it is to prevent further bloodshed in libya and to protect the people of libya from gadhafi's regime. >> reporter: the resolution also authorizes what it calls all necessary measures to proat the time civilians from attack. >> on the ground, any part of libya, no occupation in any form, in any part of libya, that clearly says in the resolution. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador susan rice sa
and the disaster in japan. coming up next, we are getting word of workers injured at japan's crippled nuclear power plant. plus growing fears about radiation now leading to some food rationing. >>> we are remembering elizabeth taylor. the time now is 4:36. we'll be right back. [ alarm blares ] [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you. oh, i am not ready. [ female announcer ] but in two weeks, you could feel ready. introducing yoplait light's two week tune up diet plan. you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks when you replace breakfast and lunch with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. oh...neither have you... sean. well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to yoplait.com to start your two week tune up. this week yoplait light yogurt is only 20 for $10 at giant. >>> there is a lot developing in the middle east from overnight. with deadly protests in yemen and syria plus the terrorist bombing in israel. we begin in libya where more air strikes hit tripoli again overnight but only by warplanes. the pentagon says the tomahawk cruise missile phase is over now.
in japan. encouraging news at that damaged nuclear power plant and new word of a victim from our area. the time now is 4:38 on this tuesday.  >>> more on the disafter ther in japan now. there is no quick fix at the damaged nuclear plant. workers are back after they were pulled away yesterday because of smoke rising from the crippled reactors. of this now reconnected electricity to the plant this morning but that will not automatically solve the problems. restoring power is key and it could help cool the reactor cores. meanwhile, the body of a 24- year-old english teach ferreira virginia has been discovered in the wreckage of the japan tsunami. her body was found about 240 miles north of tokyo. taylor anderson could be the first known american victim in the japan disaster. >>> some other stories making headlines this morning. a judge says there is enough evidence to prosecute a teenaged girl for the deadly shooting of another d.c. teenager. police say there were several people in the bedroom sunday when a 15-year-old girl shot and killed 18-year-old gary gordon.
. >>> we have new developments out of japan. officials in tokyo say the level of radioactive iodine in some city's tap water is two times the recommended level for infants. they recommend the babies not be given the tap water there but say it is not an immediate health risk for adults. >>> in libya, colonel moammar ghadafi makes his first appearance in a week there addressing crowds from the same compound that was hit by a missile on sunday. he said his forces will win. and last night, coalition forces attacked ground targets as anticipate-aircraft fire lit up the night sky for a fourth night in a row. >>> we continue to monitor metro for you. you might remember this from last movement a wild ride for escalator passengers at the foggy bottom station. we now know what caused it. metro safety report says an object somehow became lodged in it. the transit agency fixed the escalator but a metro board member says there are many unanswered questions. will thomas has more. >> reporter: the downward escalator at the foggy bottom station working just fine now. but february 18th this year, something
are in san diego. they are now in stable condition. >>> in japan, nuclear safety officials say they are looking into reports that high levels of radiation are now in a village just 25 miles from the plant. here at home, very low levels of radiation turned up in a sample of milk from washington state but federal officials say there should be no reason to worry. the fda says the findings were expected because of the crisis in japan. >>> judge judy is in and l.a. hospital for an undisclosed condition but she is expected to be released sometime today. tmz reports the 68-year-old was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance yesterday morning after complaining of intestinal pain. a spokesperson says judge judy is feeling much better. >>> president obama has laid out an ambitious goal to reduce u.s. oil imports by one-third. up next, not everyone is on board with some of the plans for alternative energy. we'll have a full report. tucker has the forecast. >> we have fog and mist across the area. some very cold temperatures. i'll have details on the forecast and julie wright will have the
degrees. we are not going terribly up today, maureen. back to you. >> thank you. >>> in japan, seawater outside the damaged nuclear plant has the high of the levels of radiation occurring so far. >>> police take a frederick county teen into custody after reports that he brought a loaded gun to school. this one happened at tuscarora high. the sheriff's office and public school officials say the boy hay 22 kal baer revolver and was showing it off to friends. the teen claimed he needed it for protection after a fight on monday. >>> two d.c. exubl -- public schools arrest excused of tampering with tests to give students better grades. the attorney general is already of $100,000 in grant money at mckinley tech. >>> dramatic moments caught on camera as a gunman targets the president of the united states. it was 30 years ago today that president ronald reagan was shot in the chest outside of the hilton hotel on connecticut avenue. ainsley earhart has more. >> i didn't know i was shot. in fact, i was still ask what was that noise. i thought it was firecrackers. >> reporter: it was an attempt on
are told the man was a domino's employee and died on the way to the hospital. >>> in the latest in japan now, radiation and seawater may be spreading farther north of the damaged nuclear plant than first thought. the managers think the radioactive iodine may be making its way into the ocean. >>> some of the radiation from japan has traveled to the west coast of the u.s. and very trace amounts in our region including maryland. we have more in this report. >> reporter: airborne radioactive materials were first detected on the west coast. now, an even more dilute amount appears to be moving cross- country. health officials here say no reason to pan you can. >> there is for reason for alarm. there is no public health concern. what has been reported are trace levels of radioactive material in the air around the country and we did detect very, very, very small levels in the air in maryland. >> reporter: those trace amounts were routinely picked up by the air monitoring sensors near two facilities. but he says it was not enough to pose a risk. >> much, much less than and x- ray. in california,
up. >>> more radiation worries from japan to our area. detail of a slight change some local officials in the d.c. region are making. stay with us.  this is a strawberry pop-tart. and this is the warm fresh baked taste... of a strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. than listening there'to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh >>> at the damaged nuclear plant, managers are finding plutonium in the ground. the amount discovered in soil in five places around the plant is extremely small. that is according to officials. experts did expect some plutonium to show up after crews started looking for it this week. hundreds of thousands of quake and tsunami survivor are still struggling to get food and clothing. >>> virginia began testing air, drinking water and milk after trace amounts of radiation were detected in
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